Riggers / DOGMEN

With an experienced core crew of Riggers with up to 20 years of experience in the Stevedore, Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction sectors, our team has the ability and experience to cover all rigging requirements ranging from small yard lifts, through to 100 tonnes plus.

• Critical Lifts 100T+
• Pre Cast Panel Erection
• Tilt Panel Erection
• Dual Lift

• Mine Site Shutdowns
• Offshore Rigging
• Construction

• Stevedoring
• Oil & Gas
• Load / Discharge of Cargo Vessels

All riggers hold relevant high risk qualification.

Crane Operators

Our Team of operators are highly skilled covering all lift requirements, from your smallest lift through to 100T plus.

• Tower Crane (Hammer Head)
• Franna Cranes
• Offshore / Onshore Ships Cranes

• Crawler Cranes
• Mobile Cranes
• Tower Crane (Luffing)

All crane operators hold relevant high risk qualification.

Forklift Operators

All personnel who work for Riggers and Operators hold a High-Risk Forklift ticket. With experience from 2 to 32 T Forklifts through to 40 T top loaders, our team can help with any logistical requirements.  R&O can provide Forklift Operators with experience in the following:

• Container & Half Height Load Out
• Loading / Unloading Trucks
• Loading / Unloading Barges

• 40 foot Containers
• 22M Drill Pipe
• Scrap Bin Loading / Unloading

• Off shore Oil & Gas Equipment
• Dual Lift

All forklift operators hold relevant high risk qualification.

Crane Hireage

R&O can supply all types of cranes covering multiple industries. Our current cranes operational include:

• Crawler Cranes
• Tower Cranes

• Mini Cranes (Spider Cranes)
• Mobile Cranes

SCAFFOLD Operations

R&O boasts experience in large scale commercial scaffold designs, Mining and Oil and Gas scaffold shutdowns, logistics and equipment supply. R&O Scaffold compliments our Crane Operations division adding yet another point of supply for current and future clientele.