The R&O Health and Safety philosophy is “Work Safe, Go home Safe”.  Through our Zero Harm policy, Fitness for work Procedure, Training Scheme, Employee / Employer Communication and Integrated Management System we are confident in our team fulfilling our philosophy.

Fitness for Work

R&O staff are subject to pre-employment D&A testing.  We also conduct random Umbrella D&A testing, Random Pre-Start Breath Testing and maintain a zero tolerance for breaches against the Fitness for Work Procedures.

Training Scheme

R&O has implemented a training scheme incorporating a buddy system, pairing green riggers with our more experienced team members. This allows R&O to train new employees to the standard that is required in the high-risk mining, construction and Oil & Gas industries.

Employee / Employer

R&O encourages a positive working relationship throughout, and maintains a constant open door philosophy.  Employee ideas, concerns, reports are taken on board to develop and improve policies.  R&O aims to empower staff to recognise areas of improvement and report any breaches in our Health and Safety Policies.

Integrated Management System

R&O have implemented an Integrated Management System, compliant to the highest OHS standards, aiming for the safest possible environment for our team.  Through connecting our separate areas of safety, and continually updating and evolving our IMS system, R&O aims to maintain our philosophy of “Work Safe, Go Home Safe”.